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Pro Shot Golf TaylorMade Adidas endorsed Game

This ultra-modern reinvention of the world's greatest golf game will have golf enthusiasts consumed for hours controlling their own state of the art mini golf pro, furrowing their brow while they assess the course and choosing which Taylormade club will make the best shot. Simply put (if you'll pardon the pun), the Pro Shot golf club looks like an ordinary golf club with a miniature golfer in place of the club head. The handle of the club incorporates a trigger/lever which when operated, causes the pro shot golfer to replicate a pro golfer's rather spiffing swing. The Pro-Shot Golfer has been engineered to play just like the real thing, responding to stance, swing, speed, power, and alignment in much the same way as real life. Set him up with a simple par 3 hole or let your imagination run riot with your own 18 hole course in the garden. Fully endorsed by the no.1 in golf In your Pro-Shot Golf Box you'll find everything needed to get up and running straight away, indoors or outdoors. Included is everything you need to create you own championship course and a set of Pro-Shot Golf clubs modelled on the Taylormade R7 Driver, R5 Wood, Rac LT Irons and Rossa Monza Putter. Features: * Endorsed by Adidas and TaylorMade. * Pro shot golfer replicates a textbook golfer's swing The golfer on the end of the club has a pivot in his hips that enables him to create his golf shots when the lever is pulled. Pro Shot Golf Game Features: One Pro Shot Golf Game A Driver, 3 Wood, 5 Iron, 7 Iron, Wedge, Putter 3x Indoor balls 3x Outdoor golf balls Pin and tee Cup flags Bunkers Trees Putting green Fairway 25 x scorecard Green felt mat (81cm x 89cm) Golf club with golfer (87cm long) Use indoors and outdoors User guide Attractive gift box Suitable for age 8 years and up Size: Pro Shot Golf Game (golfer) H 23.0cm x D 5.5cm

Pro Shot Golf TaylorMade Adidas endorsed Game

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