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Home > Products > Gadgets and Gizmos > PC and Electrical > PS3 Wonderbook: Book of Spells Move Pack - With Move controller and Eye Camera

PS3 Wonderbook: Book of Spells Move Pack - With Move controller and Eye Camera

PS3 Wonderbook: Book of Spells Move Pack - With Move controller and Eye Camera
Sorry, out of stock

SONY Wonderbook: Book of Spells 

With Move controller and Eye Camera included




  • Intuitive and easy to use book
  • Learn the art of spell-casting
  • Read about and practise 20 spells
  • Pick up House Points - just like a student at Hogwarts
  • Original content from J.K. Rowling


Information Publisher -  London Studio

Minimum - age 7+ PEGI

Genre - Fantasy Augmented reality

Game modes -  Single player

Platform -  PS3


Accessories included


Book of Spells game

Eye camera

PlayStation Move


One Book: a Thousand Stories: Wonderbook will bring to life a thousand stories in one physical book with a brand new series of adventures and experiences to explore. A powerful storytelling vehicle and tool for the imagination, Wonderbook will bring exclusive content in immersive new ways by putting you at the heart of the action, using augmented reality technology to transform the world around you. Bringing mystery and discovery to your living room, Wonderbook titles will draw you into new worlds, and give you the chance to live in the stories you love. Tilting, rotating, or simply turning the pages bring stories to life all around you like never before.


The first story: Wonderbook Book of Spells: Book of Spells is the first title for Wonderbook, the latest addition to the PlayStation experience. Written by Miranda Goshawk over two hundred years ago, Book of Spells can be found in the Restricted Section of the Hogwarts library. It is an advanced textbook for students, which will assist them on their journey to becoming an accomplished witch or wizard.


Book of Spells provides students with a safe environment in which to read, discover, learn and practise spells they already know and love, such as Incendio, Wingardium Leviosa and Expelliarmus, as well as discover mischievous notes and spells scribbled into the margins by previous Hogwarts students, and humorous anecdotal facts relating to the spells. J.K. Rowling has written a conundrum that leads you through the experience, providing insight into the values a witch or wizard has to learn, and inviting you to journey through the book to unlock new content, rewarding successful students along the way.


Includes: Wonderbook peripheral, Wonderbook: Book Of Spells. PlayStation Move Motion Controller and PlayStation Eye Camera.



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PS3 Wonderbook: Book of Spells Move Pack - With Move controller and Eye Camera



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