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Graffitea Novelty Mug

Graffitea Novelty Mug
In stock

Now with the help of the Graffitea Mug from those ever-so-clever chaps and chapesses at Paladone, you can unleash your inner rebel to your heart's content. You see, the Graffitea Mug is a nifty little invention that allows you to graffiti and re-graffiti, immortalizing your artwork in your cherished cuppa.

Simply draw your works of art/impolite slogans and oven bake for your very own artifact of skate and rebel culture. The mug of course has its advantages in being 100% legal and not even a smidgen antisocial. And yet you can still act out your wild side by adding as many layers as takes your fancy.

These bad boys are the perfect size for your favourite brew, measuring 3.75" tall and 3" diameter with a large, easy-grip handle. So don't be a mug - indulge and style in a way that's totally radical, dude.


Technical Details

* Ceramic Mug

* Holds 300ml/10 floz

* Not suitable for Dishwasher or Microwave use


Product Code: GN-GRAFFITEA

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Graffitea Novelty Mug Graffitea Novelty Mug

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