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Big Bad Ass Drinking Games

Big Bad Ass Drinking Games
In stock

This dinky little Kit (try saying that after a few shots) includes an 8-page book, a shot glass, a set of standard dice, 'dirty' dice, and a deck of 48 cards, each containing one drinking game from the most innocent to the rousing and risqué. such as 'Tip the Bartender,' 'Chug-A-Lug,' and 'Beer-amid.'

Chug-a-lug for example is a game played with some drinkable, but unappetising liquid. Everyone sits in a circle and someone names an object starting with 'A'. The next person adds a 'B' object, the third person a 'C' object, and so on. The first person who 'misses' by forgetting what came beforehand or being unable to come up with an object has to 'chug', or take a big drink from, the gross substance.

Don't be fooled by its innocent appearance - this kit has a surprisingly high intoxication factor. So when you're feeling a bit bad ass, break out this bad boy and get your drink on, yo.



* 8-page book

* Shot glass

* Set of standard dice and 'dirty' dice

* Deck of 48 cards, each containing one drinking game



* Dimensions: Height: 8.0cm Width: 7.4cm Depth: 3.2cm

* Weight: 0.045Kg



Product Code: G-BADASS

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Big Bad Ass Drinking Games

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