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LP Sports Injury Heat / Ice Bag

LP Sports Injury Heat / Ice Bag
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Its a waterproof ice pack like used in the movies that will have your throbbing head soothed in no time. It comes in a sturdy pack box and makes a perfect gift for the hangover prone.

The ice pack can be used hot or cold, and can help to relieve any aches and pains! Especially after a late night out...

But it's not just for hangovers its also for any sports bruising, injury or swelling and for minor burns to relieve pain.


Sports Injury

* No Leaks

* No Water Condensation

* Long Lasting Dry Cold

* Comfortable on Skin

* Durable and reusable


Use pack Cold to Relieve:

* Fevers

* Red Eyes

* Headaches

* Toothaches

* Muscle Aches

* Sporting Injuries

* Minor Burns


Use pack Warm to Relieve:

* Sinus Problems

* Arthritic Joints

* Back and Neck Pain

* Menstrual Pain

* Muscle Fatigue

* Dry Eyes

These ICE BAGS have a screw lid which can be removed and then you can put either ice or ice/cold water or even warm water in

depending on what injury/pain it is going to be used for.


Approx Size

Base Diameter - 9"

Product Code: HI-ICE

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LP Sports Injury Heat / Ice Bag LP Sports Injury Heat / Ice Bag LP Sports Injury Heat / Ice Bag LP Sports Injury Heat / Ice Bag

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